Servekid (Driving Unit for manual wheelchair)

1. Description

<Servekid> is a power assist device for manual wheelchair, which is equipped with an electric motor to pull the wheelchair with the help of it. When riding the wheelchair for a long time, wheelchair can attach the power assist unit onto its frame for the user travels with ease, and it prevents muscle damage by removing muscle fatigue. It also allows the wheelchair riders to move and act freely without help of assistants even during a long-distance travel.


  • ▶ Application of the high torque variable In-wheel Motor suitable for the inclined terrain
  • ▶ A system simply assembled and disassembled into three parts for easy carry and assembly
  • ▶ Possible coupling-type clamping method applied to a variety of shapes of the wheelchair frames
  • ▶ A folding support to help an easy re-attachment to the fixed coupling position of the wheelchair after detachment of the power unit
  • ▶ Forward and reverse available
  • ▶ A feature of cruising
  • ▶ Setting available at the top speed of 6~18km/h
  • ▶ Handle bar height adjustable / Frame width adjustable
  • ▶ High-performance brake system
  • ▶ Special high-strength lightweight materials applied to critical areas


  • ▶ Hub Motor
  • ▶ Li-ion battery (KC certified part/made in Korea)
  • ▶ Top speed (Flat land, at 80kg weight basis)
                Forward : 16km/h
                Reverse : 3km/h
  • ▶ Mileage: 50km (Depending on the user weight and road conditions)
  • ▶ Climbing angle: 10 degrees (When the battery is fully charged)
  • ▶ Gross weight : 16kg(351lbs)
  • ▶ Payload : 110kg(265lbs)
  • ▶ Dimension : 420mm × 450mm × 860mm
2. Structure

It can be separated into three parts - Battery / Body / Coupling Frame - in order for the disabled to easily handle the equipment.