Neo LFN Corp.
1. Company Introduction

neoLFN Corp., Your new partner with new technologies

Worldwide, many new technologies have been developed and become beneficial technologies while some become sadly disappeared despite a lot of time, energy and capital were invested. In order to introduce new technologies to the domestic industry, and to develop the proprietary technologies for contributing to the industry, many efforts of researchers and developers as well as equipment and materials related to technology development are required.

neoLFN Corp. is sharing the material-related information acquired in the field of the new technologies of the worldwide industry over the years, and know-hows of the related process technologies and devices with the domestic research and development personnel and trying to make progress of the industry through mutual discussions and consultations. Even if the current level is not good enough, we are sure that we can get good results through sincere cooperation with the relevant technical personnel. We will proceed with technology development not just as a supplier of materials and equipment but as co-researchers. We, neo LFN Corp., would appreciate your advice and attention, hope to be with you on the field of your technology.

Thank you.

All members of neoLFN Corp.

2. History
THE PRESENT ~ :Present: Import and sell materials and related equipment
2011year :Established neoLFN Corp.
2008year :Changed a company name to NeoLFN
2004year :Established "interlap“, a subsidiary company for materials and related equipment
3. Address

#351, Mechazone, 117, Hwangkeum-street, Yangchon-eup, Kimpo-city, Kyunggi-do, 10048, South Korea

Tel : 031-999-4944 Fax : 031-999-4945, e-mail : servekid@neolfn.co.kr